16 Oct 2012

Loving You A Thousand Times

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Loving You a Thousand Times

Cheonmanbeon Saranghae, I Love You Ten Million Times, Terms of Happiness, 천만번 사랑해, 행복의 조건
Eun-nim Ko (Lee Su-Kyeong) is a young woman preparing for her teacher certification test. She comes from a poor family with her father being chronically sick. Eun-nim then comes across a chance to make money for herself and her family. She opts to become a surrogate mother for a man named Se-hun Baek (Ryu Jin). Through fate and odd luck Eun-nim meets Se-hun's younger brother, Kang-ho Baek (Jeong Kyeo-Woon) and they fall in love. Meanwhile, Kang-ho Baek learns that he is the son of a mistress. His real birth mother is somewhere else and Kang-ho Baek realizes now why his mother always favored his older brother .
Category: Korean Drama
Status: Completed
Released: 2009



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